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Meet Dr. Hasia

Dr. Hasia, a highly respected and award-winning skin and aesthetic doctor from the UK, is in Dubai to bring you the best in wellness.

For nine illustrious years, Dr. Hasia has carved her name in the UK’s medical fraternity. With recognition from the UK and American Boards of Aesthetic Medicine, her refined touch as a certified international aesthetic trainer extends across borders.

Dr. Hasia extends her extensive clinical experience to empower individuals on their wellness journeys. With a deep understanding of the impact skin conditions can have, she is now established as a prominent voice in dermatology.

Recognizing the concerns associated with certain skin concerns, Dr. Hasia, an acne sufferer, prioritizes empathy and empowerment. Her expertise extends beyond the clinical setting, reflected in her developing a professional, non-prescription skincare range addressing various needs.

Dr. Hasia’s talent and dedication have garnered well-deserved recognition in renowned publications like British Vogue and GQ. 

Now, she brings her invaluable insights to an exclusive environment, allowing patients to experience personalized wellness at its finest at Voatii Clinic.

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