About Us

With a passion for nurturing innovation in the healthcare regime, VOATII strives to provide state-of-the-art solutions to consumers. Keeping a singular focus on fostering robust wellness for everyone, we are keen to bring innovative technology to the region. Voatii works towards bringing care to life.

VOATII invests, nurtures, supports, and grows innovative and ambitious ventures in health and wellness through its advisory, capital raising and marketing and distribution expertise.


“To be the most impactful health & wellness brand through innovation.”


“To bring in innovation in the field of medicine that will help people unlock the healing power of body and soul.”

Our Aim

“The need for a robust immune system has been in the limelight post-COVID. A two-year Dubai Health Authority Study found that an estimated 90 per cent of the UAE population is vitamin D deficiency. An official spokesperson for the UAE’s health sector has also reiterated the significance of vitamin C and repeatedly urged people to get enough vitamin C D to fight the global COVID-19 pandemic. Our understanding of continued healthcare innovation met our contributions and steadfast support towards the country. Simply put, we stood in support of the country and helped them optimize the health system’s performance.

We will be redefining the health & wellness-inspired lifestyle through our solutions & never before innovations. Let’s commence the journey & bring care to life!

“To sustain longevity, we need to nurture wellness” – Ms Zainab

Our Purpose


To bring in innovative and advanced solutions in the field of medicine and wellness which help people lead a better, happier, and successful life.

Working closely with the government and passionate healthcare leaders, VOATII brings care to the life of everyone.